A little update on the projects

A woman I know from before will probably sing my first song that I created in 2013. She has fantastic singing voice and strong charisma, so I really hope for her. It is a spiritual song with a little touch of “Disney princess” in the melody. I have made contact with a guy in Stockholm who is interested in doing the production. I will introduce them to you later on. I will call this Project 7 “Star”.

My producer friend Love Eliasson is making the sound for Project 5 “Intrigue” right now. I am full of expectation!

Project 3 “Eagle” is moving forward. I will meet Love and Cynthia irl in December. It will be so fun to finally meet them!

Project 6 “Greece” is also moving forward. I am full of expectation here too.

Misty morning

I wrote a new metal lyrics yesterday and sent it to a band that I found when I was searching through the Internet. They are so good and would fit this song perfectly. Please, answer me! I think we are the same kind.

It has been a grey and misty morning today. I like it. Life is good and this day is gonna be great.

New release from Xersize

I have got in contact with the coolest rapper. He only writes his own rap lyrics. Tonight he has released a new rap song that I think is so good! Ohh, I wish he would do my rap as well… but as he said himself “…I only do my own rap lyrics, so it doesn’t matter how good yours would be…”.

It’s always nice with new contacts within the music though and you never know what it can lead to. He has promised to tell his contacts about me.

Xersize is from Sweden and has done rap since 2010. I think his lyrics has a clear message and his rap has a good flow. My favorite right now is My Misery from 2018 and also the new one Yellow Roses. I believe the rap from Xersize works internationally as well as in Sweden. Don’t miss out!

The new release: Yellow Roses (2019).

Another favorite: My Misery (2018).

Xersize on Facebook.

I’m running, but not right now

I’ve been home sick for a couple of days. When this happens I cover myself in a blanket on the sofa and do nothing. The work with the music is dormant. I only adjusted a little on a sentence on the first verse of Project 6 “Greece”, but was not completely satisfied. However, I have started to get some new ideas for the novel that I write for children. It will be for children aged 7-12 years and includes fantasy, adventure and a little love too. I saw that I am on Chapter 5. Hopefully I have new energy for the weekend and can write down what came to me.

Now it’s time for headache pills and hot coffee again. I wrote these words yesterday (the picture below). They may show one reason why diseases and other misery come to you. Sometimes you just have to slow down in life. For me there is a reason to run though. As C.T. Studd said: “Some wish to live within the sound of a CHAPPEL BELL; I wish to run a rescue mission within a YARD FROM HELL.”. That gives a purpose.

Hello The World!

November has been a really good month for the blog so far. I already see an increase of about 30% in data traffic compared to the average since the start. I have visitors from 20 different countries in total so far. It feels great to have you all here!